More Government ‘Education’ Plans Outlined


The UK government has announced plans to teach children, in schools, that domestic violence against women and children is unacceptable, in what many believe is yet another initially fine-sounding government initiative meant to tackle a serious problem that ought to be addressed, but is – in reality – just another of those ‘policies’ they keep in a desk drawer somewhere to bring out whenever they need to divert attention away from whatever it is they’ve buggered up this time.

Consequently, critics of the government have been quick to respond, with one saying:

We are all, of course, regard domestic violence against women and children as abhorrent and totally unacceptable, and it is – quite rightly – something we should all be working hard to bring to an end. Unfortunately, however, this just looks like yet another of this government’s ‘Initiatives’ in a long, long line of such policies it produces, mainly – it seems – because they sound good and get the government some superficially positive-sounding headlines.

Unfortunately, after our long experience of such government announcements that seem to last only as long as the current news-cycle everyone expects this one to similarly disappear without trace, especially as we all confidently expect this government to be thrown out in the next election.

However, there may be more to this constant stream of government initiatives, especially in the field of education, than many suspect, as, speaking strictly off the record, a source close to the government stated:

Using the notion that we are working to protect vulnerable women and children is an almost perfect excuse for what we need in order to infiltrate government control deeper into what us to be called people’s ‘private’ lives. Over the last 12 glorious years of this – the People’s Government – we have used these genuine social concerns as a way of giving the government more and more control over what our people do, say and think.

In fact, our whole education strategy (yes, we do have one) is based on the idea of moving children away from what was once called education and more into an area where they are taught government-approved attitudes towards social issues which – in time – will render these children actually incapable of thinking for themselves and, especially, holding any opinion or thought that has not had official government sanction.

By the time these children leave school they will have fully accepted our plans to have two-way telescreens in every room of their houses in order to counter such scourges as domestic violence against women and children, to counter the threat of terrorist outrages that could be planned in the domestic arena and to make sure that paedophiles are not looking at child porn in their own homes.

In fact, by the time these children receive their guaranteed 32 A* A-Levels each, they should have no conception at all of what it means to have a private life, unless they join the Inner Party, of course, that is.

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