Labour MP Expresses Regrets

Labour MP Austin Allegro yesterday said he now regrets taking part in a political system that ‘treats the voters of this country with contempt.’


After spending time in the reality show ‘Houses of Parliament’, which is shown on its own ‘specialised’ TV channel, where over 650 alleged MPs pretend to know what they are doing, Allegro dismissed the whole system as a farce:

I joined the Labour party because I had Left-wing ideals – hopelessly naïve and out of touch with reality, I know – but I was young then. I thought a Labour government would really make a difference.

Well, I suppose it has made a difference… in its own way.

It has managed to not only completely bugger up the economy, despite claiming it had learnt all the lessons from the last time it buggered it up, it has also increased inequality, made the whole notion of human rights a laughing stock, turned multicultural diversity into a form of apartheid, made ordinary working people worse off and helped perpetuate a whole new underclass that live their entire lives on benefits.

In fact, everything I naively joined the part to change for the better, this government has made much, much worse.

Allegro also went on to claim that the participants in this political show were completely out of touch with the world outside, having no idea of how their antics were seen as utterly contemptible by the viewing audience, especially the way they grabbed wheelbarrowfuls of ‘free’ money that had been left lying around the House ‘for expenses’.

However, a spokeswoman for the Labour government said:

Quite honestly, we can’t see what dear Austin is complaining about. Oh, yes, it’s perfectly alright – if a little politically geeky – to have principles and ideals and so on when in opposition, but when we do manage to get elected then – obviously – all of that flies out of the window.

We have to do whatever keeps us in power, or rather, the other lot out of power. If it suits our electoral purposes to completely bugger the country about, then bugger it about we will.

Frankly, if Mr Allegro thinks any different, then why on Earth is he in a political party?

A fan of the political reality explained its attraction:

The whole point of being in politics is to take a society that has evolved over the centuries to rub along treasonably well, and then – through as much cack-handed legislation as possible – completely bugger it up beyond all hope of repair, get voted out of office, then sit back and laugh like a drain as the opposition have a go at sorting it out and fail dismally. Now, that’s what I call entertainment.

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