The UK’s Leading Male Adult Film Superstar


Donkeydong Sheepworrier is probably the UK’s leading adult film male superstar. He first shot (several times in the film) to fame in that classic of the Adult film genre, Debbie Does Bilston. These days the film is regarded as a classic, a subtle critique of Thatcher’s Britain where the eponymous Debbie, played by the then unknown, Strumpet Mellowthighs, sets out to do in Bilston what many on the Left believed the Thatcher government was doing to the rest of Britain at the time.

Pausing to give succour to a miner’s picket line at the start of the film, Debbie sets out to express her working class solidarity with the local labouring men of Bilston. She decides that she can achieve this through having sex with as many horny-handed sons of toil as she can find in the exotic Bilston locale, during the 87 minutes of the film.

In an unusually romantic touch for a adult film of the time, Donkeydong Sheepworrier is cast as a union leader in the Bilston region. Although it must be true that there are many women who are sexually-aroused by the thought of a romantic dalliance with such a glamorous figure as a local union rep, such roles are not usually found in the adult genre. Not only that, with the calibre of acting ability that adult film stars are renowned for, Sheepworrier was able to add a depth to the character of the union rep that is not usually found in the real-life counterparts, especially in the now notorious Communist Manifesto and baby oil scene featuring Sheepworrier, Mellowthighs and seven other women.

Tragically, however, Sheepworrier’s career was brutally (and literally) cut short due to a tragic accident on the set of a adult film version of a classic British pantomime, entitled Wood In The Babes, when a short-sighted lumberjack made a fatal mistake when Sheepworrier was lying down on his back in the woods waiting to start shooting a scene.

Strumpet Mellowthighs, however, went on to achieve worldwide mega-stardom after appearing as the lead in a all-nude hot lesbian action adult film version of Germaine Greer’s classic The Female Eunuch.

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