The Moment Is Crystal

The moment is crystal in its cold clarity when something that seemed so unformed, untouchable, rests in your hand like some rare precious jewel that you can actually get to touch. There are times when the mind seems to break through out of its usual fog of doubt, hesitation and uncertainty and reaches out to grasp something profound and essential for the first time.

There are times, like that moment you sat on the summer hot river bank watching her step naked into the stream, when time seems to crystallise into moments of profound understanding. Times like that moment when you found out what love is, the need to have her fill your life with meaning and the necessity of her. A feeling so close you could feel the shiver tremble through your own body as she stepped into the running water still as cold as the snow it so recently was when it was resting up on the high mountain that brooded above you both like some indulgent parent watching you play your young games down by the side of its mountain stream.

The way she looked back at you, sweeping the hair from her eyes, as she sank lower into that water, ready to swim into the rest of her life with you; and the way you took hold of that moment as it crystallised, knowing that it was one moment that you would always keep with you, forever.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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