Hawking and M-Theory

It has been thirty years since Stephen Hawking declared that there could soon be a Theory of Everything. Now, in his latest book, Hawking, has emerged as a strong supporter of the so-called M-theory of how the universe began.
M-Theory (or Mouse Theory) was first postulated by the legendary Douglas Adams in his seminal paper The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where he put forward the theory that the Earth was in fact built for some mice as a scientific experiment.
However, in is new book Hawking goes much further than Adams’ initial tentative hypothesis and says that in fact the entire universe was built by these mice out of some 11 pieces of string they had let over from making a nice cosy nest.
Hawking’s Mouse-Theory universe is fully accepted by most cosmologists, astronomers and physicists as a further development of the Big Laugh Theory of the universe’s origin, which states that the universe is – in fact – one big joke.

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