The UK’s Leading Celebrity Celebrity


Prefab Doppelganger is probably the UK’s leading celebrity celebrity. She first became famous for no discernable reason in 1998 when she started featuring in several of the top dentist waiting room magazines, artfully falling out of her dress seemingly everywhere the cameramen who take pictures of celebrities to fill such magazines gathered.

Media Studies academics have now confirmed that she is the first celebrity for which it is actually true that she is famous for no other reason than that she is famous. She has never appeared in a ‘Reality’ show, never – as far as an extensive web search has revealed – appeared in a ‘stolen’ sex tape, never released a single – yet, never appeared in a soap opera, film or even appeared as a naked corpse in a TV detective series.

In fact, the only known appearances of Prefab Doppelganger are of her appearing in celebrity photo-spreads in cheap magazines, and because the only people who do appear in such photo-spreads are celebrities it therefore follows that Doppelganger must be a celebrity.

However, now that those photo-spreads have confirmed her celebrity status, Doppelganger is now being inundated with offers to appear in ‘Reality’ shows, to release a single – quite soon, to appear as a special guest star in a soap opera, as well as being inundated with film offers and several chances to appear as a naked corpse in several long-running TV detective series. Not only that several young men, film and rock stars as well as a few high-profile female stars have all – we are lead to believe – been in negotiations with Doppelganger’s people to negotiate a flagging-career-boosting appearance in a ‘stolen’ sex tape with Doppelganger.

So, therefore, it now seems it is possible for someone like Doppelganger to become famous before they are actually famous for anything, with some Theoretical Media Studies academics saying that such situations could result in celebrity status going critical, leading to an uncontrollable chain-reaction of fame spreading unchecked throughout the world with people becoming suddenly famous at random for no discernable reason.

However, many other Media Studies Theorists believe that this has already happened and are now planning for a Large experimental Celebrity Collider in downtown LA where they will accelerate celebrities up to near the speed of insider gossip before crashing them together in order to see if they can isolate the so-called Fame particle in order to discover just why it is so many otherwise unremarkable people become celebrities for no discernable reason.

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