Sunday Poem: Still Dancing


Still Dancing

Dancing through days that fall
At your feet like bright petals,
You see all your tomorrows
Spreading out towards the horizon.
You have lived a life like this before,
Dancing on through your days.

All that falls around you
Dissolves into the distance
And the past turns as you turn,
Before turning away. None of it
Can touch you, dancing free of the chains
That hold us rooted here.

Seasons come and then go
Around you, as your light feet
Touch the ground and gravity
Loses its grip on you. You float off
Into the skies until you are lost
From view, and still dancing.

The blown wind grows and turns
And we see it churning through
Our days. We remain rooted,
Letting the gusts blow, but not break us.
As we wait for the dance to begin
While you are still dancing.

Still, here we are waiting
For it to begin again.
We wait for the words to come,
Calmly, knowing they will build a world
For us and populate it with life.
As you dance in the dawn.

Only a word will set
This whole world back in motion
All around us, as we walk
Along each winding sentence and on
Between the paragraphs grown so tall
Dancing all around us.

To then come out upon
A whole page of worlds spread out
And teeming with dancing words
We stand here as you dance each new word
Watching as you dance away from us,
Watching you breaking free.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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