Making Sense


Well, there you go. Or, in some rather special cases, there you don’t go. Sometimes it seems that everything does look like it is about to make sense, doesn’t it?

Then, though, the universe puts a stop to that, and comes up with something – could be anything from the trivial to the profound – that leaves you wondering ‘just what the fuck is going on here?’

The problem is people seem to expect things to make sense. Obviously enough that is why religions were invented and gods created, and why, as we learn more and more about what an odd place this universe actually is, they make less and less sense and have less and less purpose and point. This – also obviously – is whey their adherents become more and more vocal and excitable the less and less relevance the religions and their rather odd assortment of gods have.

Still all that is not important and paying attention to it only feeds the delusions, so it is all best ignored while we – the rest of us – come to the inescapable conclusion that the universe simply does not make human sense. That – strange as it may seem – that is why humans can do so well in it, because we have a sense of humour and can revel in the fact that none of it makes sense and take a deep satisfactory joy in the total absurdity of it and that we happen to be here to see it all.

Quite simply, isn’t life grand?

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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