Ripped Dreams


We could hold this secret in our hands, keep it wrapped tight against the cold harsh deprecations of this world. A world that will rip your dreams from you and toss them on the storm winds until they are blown far away and out of reach. This world will tear your dreams from you and send them tumbling down the swollen torrents of its days until those dreams are lost on the sea of forever, while you stand on the shore mourning what might have been, if only you could have held on until rescue came.

We have all seen those dreams of some new life blown away on the wind, torn up and shredded, or washed away by the heavy-swollen flooded rivers of days that pour past our doors. We have seen the earth rip itself apart and swallow all we longed for in one greedy gulp to be lost below the ground forever. We have seen that slow molten lava bury what might have been under a new hardening rock as it cooled over the lands where we let our hopes walk free.

We have lost our dreams, our hopes and our desires… but yet… but yet we wake each morning to look out on a world that still contains much more than we expected, and slowly we learn to keep these dreams wrapped tight and close in our sheltering hands.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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