Time Corridors


Time twists and turns to create these corridors we stumble down in the dark and uncertainty of not knowing what is to come. The world twisted and turned in a way that physicists did not think was possible and left us to fall into this warping of time that meanders through all the histories of what was and what could have been and what may yet be.

None of us knows when one of these tunnels, corridors, will terminate itself and tumble us out into a strange place full of times we do not understand. We have come to recognise the signs though, the shivers and shakes, the tremors in the walls, floor and ceiling of the corridor before ā€“ minutes, sometimes hours ā€“ later it shatters and dissolves, leaving us anywhere in the world and any when in time.

At least, we can only presume it is Earth, if such a concept has any meaning any more.

Someone I met, about three tunnels ago, some sort of physicist, in a time when it was dangerous, fatal, to be a scientist, told me that the tunnels emerging, splitting and then dying where like earthquakes in time; Timequakes he called them.

Although, whatever you can them makes no difference. We walk these corridors waiting for them to break and spilt, then tumble us into a new time, wondering what that time will bring with it.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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