The Door to her Dreams


I opened the door from her dreams and walked into her world. She was ready, waiting for me. I told her all the stories she wanted to hear about the strange lands that lay over the hills and she showed me the lands of her bed and of her body, letting me explore all of her secret places and take all her treasures for myself.

I told her of the princesses of the strange lands, who had taken me to palaces and boudoirs, and of the rich merchant’s daughters who had offered me all the treasure I could carry in return for telling them of places far beyond all they had ever known.

I told of the women of the road whose caravans had carried me, and my stories, down many a winding road and of the tales I told them by their campfires as the creeping night covered the world with its blankets. I told them of the creatures that haunt the night and its deepest shadows and what they will do to any woman foolish enough to venture from the road into the darkness of the forests. The women of the road knew of the shadows and of the dark and held themselves close to me, as I told them of the night and its creatures, and they held me close in their beds at night. Either in the caravans or underneath the stars as I learnt all the stories of their bodies and how to tell their stories too.

I told her all these things and I think she knew that one day too she would become one of my stories and I would be here in your bed, telling it all to you.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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