The Haunted House


When the moment came to move, we were hesitant, unsure. It is one thing to talk about things like that, easy to say we would all go, but when it came to it we seemed reluctant, especially as we’d all agreed there was no such things as ghosts, vampires and all that silly scary stuff we dismissed as ‘kid’s stuff’. We were – of course – little more than kids ourselves, which was probably why we were so dismissive of the ‘kid’s stuff’, and – probably – why when it came down to it, we were still those selfsame kids ourselves inside… and still scared of all that scary stuff.

We stared up at the house, there across the open ground from where we were hiding in the bushes that had once been its hedges and other parts of its garden. It was strange, though, how the plants, weeds and other stuff seemed overgrown out here, away from the house, but seemed to die away the closer they got to the house. This meant there was a sort of border area a few yards wide where nothing grew close to the house at all. I had not noticed that before, but now, as we tried to find the courage within ourselves and within each other to cross those several yards of scrubby grass then the bare open area that lay between us and the house, I began to wonder.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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