Monday Poem: The Way Back


The Way Back

All of this is hidden in the darkest corners
of those places you do not want to go,
if these are memories, they haunt
you like malignant ghosts.

If they are not memories, you walk
these halls and corridors,
searching for a shape to bring forth
a new world from these ashes

Of a life you once held so close
that you could feel every breath it took
as it waited to be set free
to fly away to its own world

Far out of your reach
and long lost from your sight.
you thought you would be left
with something more

Than the ashes of memory
that life could leave its mark.
But now you wander these rooms
and all these meandering corridors

Looking for a way back to then,
so you can start all over once more
and find a route through, back
to that place you thought you knew.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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