Supermarket Eroticism


Only then could we see just why she needed the tin of pilchards. Notwithstanding – of course – all the usual reasons a lady of her… inclinations engages in such a blatant – and full-frontal – display of full-on shopping.
Of course, in a society that doesn’t like sex, but loves porn, such a display of uninhibited purchasing of domestic staples is bound to bring on a certain sexually-charged frisson. Especially if the young lady in question is more than averagely attractive and has a massive pair of shopping lists.
Of course, there are many who will take only one list on their shop. But such – known as ‘vanilla’ or ‘ordinary’ shoppers – to full-on supermarket fetishists, know little of the illicit sexual thrill having an extra shopping list can add to the experience. After all, at the top of most people’s shopping sex wish-list is a desire to experiment with threesomes. For many people, that means the standard, ‘buy two get one free’ offers. For others, though, it can be more inventive. Right up to and including setting off down the aisles with two shopping trolleys. Of course, the dexterity, let alone the desire, needed to control two wayward and independently-minded shopping trolleys is of course not all that usual in our repressed society. We cannot deny it exists, at least, judging by the number of specialist websites displaying shopping women – and sometimes even men – in erotic poses with two – or even sometimes more – shopping trolleys.
Of course, the usual self-appointed moral guardians and religious leaders have condemned erotic shopping and all it entails. But we have to ask ourselves how many of them have ever felt the sudden overwhelming need to go out and buy a can of pilchards?
I know I have.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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