The Coming Apocalypse

When it began, we – of course – were ready.
As is the way of these things, popular culture had prepared us well for the threat. Everyone who’d watched a film or some TV, played a computer game or read any genre fiction was well-prepared for the immanent zombie apocalypse.
So, when word of the apocalypse spread, building rumour upon rumour, everyone was ready. We all expected the streets to be thronged with legions of the undead, thirsting for the fresh brains of the living.
Ah… if only it had been that easy.
Everyone had been wondering, well, quite a few people anyway, just why the world need quite so many celebrities. Of course, if is a well-known tenet of media theory that the world’s tabloids need a constant fresh supply of young ladies falling out of their dresses at various high-profile celebrity events. But that alone could not explain just why there were now so many so-called reality TV programmes churning out a constant stream of these new celebrities, most with the media half-life of a fatally-irradiated gnat.
But, as some conspiracy theorists pointed out, every army needs its infantry, its cannon-fodder.
Then everyone laughed at the paranoid imaginings of the conspiracy loonies.
Until it was too late.
No-one is laughing now.
Not now the brain-destroying celebrity hordes are on the rampage down all our High Streets. There they surround innocent people going about their own business. The celebrities then force the ordinary people to engage in mass inane conversations about trivia and banal minutia until their brains explode. Then the ravening celebrity zombie hordes can feed and gorge until it is time to seek out the next victim.
And people used to laugh when some warned of the dangers of celebrity culture for our precarious civilisation.
Who is laughing now?

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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