On Putting Lead in Your Pencil

Obviously, the pencil sharpener was involved. But for those with interests in the use of the pencil sharpener, and for that matter the trusty HB pencil, in an erotic environment, then there are – no doubt – certain specialised websites that will cater to those sorts of… interests.


However, it was not so much her use of the pencil sharpener that aroused – in many senses of the word – so much interest in her audience. After all, we – as people of the world – have no doubt sharpened a few pencils ourselves. No, it was more the rather fascinating wrist action she used to get that sharp point on her 2H, which made us all pay more attention than would otherwise be the case.

Of course, being men with an interest in that sort of thing we all noticed her use of the 2H, rather than the more traditional, if not ubiquitous, HB.

She looked us all in the eye while running her fingertip over the point. ‘I prefer a hard one,’ she said.

Those of us not already sweating, despite the coolness of the day – broke out into one. Then discovered a fascination within ourselves for looking anywhere around the classroom rather than at the way that fingertip stroked the end of that… that… pencil. Or, even, the way her tongue peeked out between her full scarlet- lipsticked lips.

Those of us holding our now obviously inadequate 2Bs looked down at them. Suddenly forlorn and useless, if not already seeming limp in our hands. We all swore under our breath that as soon as possible we would be off to the nearest stationery shop to get ourselves at least a 2H of out own. Those of us with more imagination wondered if a 4H, or even the mythical 9H, would be too much. But a woman of her undoubted experience would no doubt appreciate something a little bit more sophisticated than such obvious crudity.

Meanwhile, she pulled her pencil out of the sharpener looked us all in the eye again and said. ‘Are you ready?’

We all nodded as one, gripping our pencils in shaking hands we touched their tips to the virgin whiteness of our sketch pads.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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