A Proposal

She turned to face me, looking into my eyes. Her eyes were green, dark, blinking slowly. She raised a hand… or what used to be a hand back when I thought she was human. I felt myself swallow and shrivel. She looked down my naked body and then back up to my face. It looked as though she was smiling, but it was not the mouth I was used to seeing and I could not decode the expression with any certainty.

It was not the Carla I was used to seeing either. This was someone… something… new.

Rather, it was something old… very old, something older than the human, much older.

‘We learnt how to be human, how to pretend to be human a long time ago.’ She reached out still with that expression I hoped was a smile. Her hand cupped me, stroked me. Her face… her muzzle moved closer to my face. She licked my ear. ‘Relax,’ she whispered into my ear. ‘If I wanted you for prey, you would already be eaten.’ She squeezed. ‘At least your tastier parts would be.’ She stroked. ‘Can you imagine what it is like?’ She stroked again and I could feel myself growing in her hand, despite everything.

She looked straight into my eyes, no longer blinking. ‘Can you imagine what it is like to still be alive and watching one of us feasting on your most precious parts while you slowly… oh, so slowly… bleed to death?’ She licked her lips, then laughed, letting go of me as it shrivelled back to limpness once more.

She turned away, then back to face me. ‘No,’ she said, reaching for my hand. ‘I’ve chosen a different fate for you. She walked towards the door, pulling me along behind her. ‘You….’ She smiled back at me. ‘You are to be my mate.’



Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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