Taking A Day Off

‘But it should be easy,’ she said.

‘Well….’ I shrugged.

‘I mean there is you, there is me… and there is all this blank page.’ She stroked the margins of the blank page, before turning to look into my eyes. ‘We could do anything.’

‘Like what?’

‘You’re the writer, you’re the one with the imagination.’


‘You could, I’m sure, come up with all sorts of scenarios.’

‘But it is my day off.’

‘It… what do you mean?’

‘It is my day off.’

‘So, what are you saying?’

‘It is my day off. I have one day off a week from writing. The last thing I want to do is start thinking up scenes and situations. I want a break from that.’ I turned away from the page. It looked like a nice day out there. Not as nice as yesterday when I had a second draft to edit, but it still would be nice to go out where there were no words and no characters demanding….

‘Are you ignoring me?’ she said.

‘No.’ I turned back to the page. ‘It is just that, as I said, it is my day off.’

‘Well, you could, at least describe some furniture or something. I could do with a sit down.’ She sauntered towards me. ‘Or a lie down. Couldn’t you, you know…?’

‘Couldn’t I what?’

‘Well, just a paragraph, a few sentences of description… for me. It doesn’t have to be much: a room, a bed, perhaps a window I could gaze through…. longingly.’ She turned to face where the window would have been if there was a description of it. She turned back to me, touching my arm. ‘Waiting for my secret lover to come to me.’

‘I…. I… just a bed and a few other things?’

She nodded. ‘Please.’

‘Nothing too detailed?’

She nodded again, slower this time. ‘But comfortable, cosy… sexy.’

I swallowed. ‘Right.’ I paused, fingers over the keyboard. ‘Sexy… how?’

‘I’m sure you know.’ Her fingers brushed my cheek. ‘After all, I have been in some of those other stories… haven’t I? The ones you write under that pen-name and you don’t let your wife see?’

‘I swallowed. ‘Er… was that you…?’

‘Yes.’ She took a quick step away from me. ‘You don’t remember me? This description, what I can do with my tongue.’

‘Yes! Yes, of course, I remember.’ And I did. I could remember those stories, the rooms they took place in and all that she and I… she and the male protagonist got up to in those secret erotic stories I’d written a few years ago….

I remembered about the tricks with her tongue too….

She looked at me and licked her lips with that tongue.

I glanced outside. It was clouding over. I looked back at her… at Louise. ‘Maybe….’ I said. ‘Maybe I could give my day off a miss, just this once.’

She smiled, the tip of that tongue just protruding between her lips.

I gulped. ‘A bed you say?’


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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