I Folded the Night

Digital StillCamera

I turned the night around her, making sheets of darkness fold over her nakedness. Then I took the light of stars to show her the path through the night, towards the dawn where I would wait to meet her.

She had to travel this folded night alone. Work her way through the maze of hours and darkness towards the dawn where I waited for her. We all have – sometimes in our lives – to walk the maze of the night alone. Only when we find our way through the lonely night do we come to understand what the light of the dawn means.

Of course, there are some who never walk the twisting corridors of the night, remembering nothing, except vague dreams of journeys undertaken through strange corridors, rooms, forests or cities and never arriving at any destination.

Unless they learn to break through the dreams into the world lying beyond and at an angle to this one, people never learn about the corridors of the night. Nor do they learn how the night can fold around them. Keeping them safe as they discover all the secrets inside the ancient rooms lying off these twisted corridors of the night.

So, there I stood in the dull orange dawn, watching the shadows retreating. Only knowing she would emerge out of the last, longest and darkest, corridor to be there with me. There she would let the folded blankets of the night fall from her as she rushed into my arms. Then, together, we could look back as the dawn flooded those corridors with its revealing light showing her all the secrets she could ever need.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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