A World As It Ought To Be

It began as a normal day, which is a worry. After all, normality isn’t really what we expect any more. What is the point in severing the link between cause and effect, if things are still going to keep happening one thing after another?

Of course it had to happen eventually, for far too long the scientific hegemony has been oppressing the ordinary peoples of this world by insisting that things happen for a reason. For there are so many of us, these days, who feel it is our right to have the world ordered to our own wants, needs and desires. All without having to reference the needs, wants and desires of others. After all, we have certain rights and what are the rights of others, especially those who don’t share our world view, compared to our own inalienable right to have the world fitted to our view of how it should be?

However, since the scientists, and all the other evidence-based oppressive dictators, took over control of reality and started telling us how the world is, rather than how we wanted it to be, there had been a complete loss of democratic control over reality.

Back in the good old days, we all had our separate religions. Often with each one having a different world view and imposing that worldview on its adherents. In the end, what can be more democratic than that?

For isn’t – in a way – a religion just a method of making the world into something you want it to be? All without having to go through all that unnecessary nonsense about it having to avoid conflict with the world out there as it is. Therefore, if your religion says the world began last Wednesday, then surely it is your absolute right to insist that fossils and geology are nothing but an elaborate practical joke by the gods to test the devotion of the faithful.

So, therefore, the UN General Council last year, after fierce lobbying from a coalition of religions, voted to abolish the hegemonic power of science. They overwhelmingly voted to revoke its power to make laws about how the universe worked and relegated it to just one more belief system amongst all others, without privilege or greater validity. They also decreed on the disestablishment of the link between cause and effect forthwith. They then – in effect – gave the peoples of this world the power to each have a world according to how they want it.

Thus was true democracy was established worldwide at last.

Surely, not having regular mornings – or for that matter any certainty at all – is but a small price to pay for that great leap forward.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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