The Thief Of Dreams

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It was her world, hers alone. I was an intruder, a stranger and an interloper. By then, though, I had already learnt many lessons about sneaking around as people slept. I had to be careful to stay out of her line of sight, stay in the shadows, make no noise or movement that would attract attention.

People do not know how vulnerable their worlds are as they dream. They do not realise how easily it is for someone like me to sneak inside and tear their whole world apart.

I am not like that though. I do not enter to savage or destroy. I come as an explorer, as someone seeking knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment. I come looking for those secrets we all hold dear and only let out as we sleep, as we dream.

Computer hackers talk about backdoors, ways of entering computer programs and systems, sometimes to cause harm and sometimes just to see what is there, a digital tourist. I suppose I am one of those tourists too, but I only come out on my travels when people sleep.

I open the back door to their dreams and step inside, creeping from shadow to shadow as their minds wander the dream worlds they create. Some people talk of strangers in their dreams, of strange shifting shadows and movements glimpsed out of the corners of their eyes as they wander their dream worlds.

That shadow, that presence, is me, searching for the secrets that hide in the dreams of us all, trying to make sense of what we claim not to desire and not to want.

I go searching all through your dreams and haunt all your nightmares.

One day, though, we will meet – by accident – in some small café in this real world. There I will sit you down and tell you all about what I’ve found deep inside your dreams and what it means.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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