Perhaps Once Upon A Time

Once, even – perhaps – once upon a time, there was a captive princess living in the tower that once stood here. You can see the ruins about us. The heaps of rubble and tumbled dressed stone that once stood so high above this hillside.

Back then, in the times of our father’s grandfathers these, were different lands living in different times.

These days, of course, we have no princesses, no kings even. These days we have the committees of grey men who go about the business of government for the benefit of us all… or so they claim.

Life, though, doesn’t ever seem to change for the better. We here, out far from where those grey committees make their deliberations, are still hungry and cold in the winter. Then, in the spring and summer, our best young men are taken into the armies and rarely, if ever, seen again. That is, except for those that come struggling home no longer whole and, sometimes, barely even human.

The committees of grey men tell us we are better off these days. Of course, I can see by that look in your eyes we had all best believe what they say is so. Unless we want to go to the same place our kings, princesses and lords disappeared to in that time when the grey men rose to power over us. All proclaiming it was the end of the era of unaccountable distant men ruling over us for their own ends and ignoring us ordinary folk.

Yes, sir, this tower belonged to a time of long ago. A time of tales and legends that are best forgotten about now, especially if we know what is good for us.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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