Another Dead Body

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‘A body?’



‘Indeed. Very, as bodies usually are.’

‘Oh, I wouldn’t say that sergeant. After all we – you and I – both have bodies, which in my case feels very much alive. And, using my finely honed powers of deductive reasoning I would say the evidence suggests that your body is alive also.’

‘Right.’ Sergeant Harris sighed. Reason would also suggest, he thought, that there must be some people somewhere who were unfeasibly cheerful in the mornings. It was just his hard luck to have one as his DI. ‘Shall we?’ He waved towards where the car ought to be, obscured by sheets of pouring rain.

DI Carter looked out on the world and squinted at the rain. ‘Outside, is it?’

‘That’s where we usually keep the rest of the world… sir.’

Carter glared at Harris.

‘Sorry, Guv.’

‘No, I meant the body… inside or outside?’ Carter sighed. ‘And what have I told you about calling me Guv?’

‘Sorry, Gu…. Sir.’ Cater stared at the rain wondering how it was possible for a cloud to hold that much water, then realising it obviously couldn’t. ‘Yes, sir, sod’s law. It is outside.’ He pulled up the collar of his already sodden coat. ‘Although, by now it is probably underwater.’

Harris smiled and plucked an umbrella from a stand by his front door. ‘Let’s go then.’ He stepped smartly forward, opening the umbrella as he did so, so not a single drop of rain fell on him. He strode off towards the vague blue blur that could be the waiting car, leaving Harris standing in his superior’s doorway wondering if anyone else in the entire country had an umbrella stand. He looked up to realise Carter wasn’t waiting for him.

‘Shit,’ Harris said and closing his gu…. Superior’s front door behind him, splashed his way to the waiting car and yet another dead body.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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