Saving It All Up

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I hadn’t seen one before. Not up close. Even though I knew I wanted one and I even felt like I needed one, I wasn’t sure why I wanted, needed, one.

Back at the shelter, those who had one often kept those of us without one at a distance. They called us singles and tended not to associate with us. The ones with one only socialised, out of work hours, with one another, or they’d just spend time alone with theirs in their rooms.

After all, they do cost a great deal of money. So, I assumed once you got one, you’d want to spend time with it. At least, you’d want to get your money’s worth from it.

Not only that, something so valuable and rare always arouses interest. Especially from those who don’t have one, for whatever reason. So, as I grew nearer, closer, to affording one of my own I began to understand why those who already have one keep them out of the reach of those of us without one.

You can see it every time you get something new, some new tool or new shirt, people come around to have a look, take a feel, and offer their opinions.

There are always those too, who will try to take what doesn’t belong to them. They are the worst. Those, and the ones who think that just because they don’t have something, then no-one else should have that thing either. They are the worst because they never see – never admit, especially to themselves – why someone else has something and they do not.

Someone else has that something, whatever it is, usually because they’ve worked for it, saved for it, strived for it, given up other things to get it. But the thieves and the jealous types do not see it this way. They think they are going without because the others have cheated them some way.

All I know is that I gave up drinking and gaming seven years ago to save for one.

So – at last – I’d got the money all saved. So, one day soon I was going out and I was going to buy myself a wife.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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