The Twisting Of Distance

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It came out of distances. There are places beyond all we could ever know. Once there were horizons that put a limit on how far our seeing could go. Even after they had gone and the instruments to see further came along, there were still distances too far to know.

Then we thought that seeing back to the creation of this universe, back to the big bang would be enough.

Now, though, we know there are distances even beyond that. Distances no human eye can see. There are distances that curl up on themselves and tie the strings of possibility in knots.

Yet, there are distances too, beyond all that. There are distances at odd angles to this universe we see. We know those distances are there, even though we cannot make sense of them and did not think they could make sense of us.

Some say it came from there, from some twisted dimension. Others say those twisted dimensions were just the roads, the pathways, from somewhere else, a universe not unlike our own.

Whatever the truth, whatever the reason it was there at a distance and now it is here. Now it is ripping our world apart, leaving us torn and bloody, as it searches for some place it can call home.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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