The Journey Creates The Road

Once, this was a world where anything was possible. Once, though, any of those possibilities are taken, there is no going back. Take the first step down a particular road and all the other roads cease to be. The journey creates the road as much as the road creates the journey.

Once she stepped out from the seas of infinite possibility and made her way up the beach, this world began to shape itself around her. It took her dreams, her hopes and all her fears to create this world for her to walk through.

There are those, now, that say I – a mere god – created this world, this universe, and everything in it.

Those people are – of course – fools.

A god cannot create, or even shape.

I emerged out of those hopes, dreams and fears of hers just as much as the rest of this world. With every step she took, the beach made itself from sand, shells, and seaweed. Just as, while she walked, those thoughts of hers created the shape of me, then turned me into something she could understand as a shaper of the world growing around her.

At the time, she did not know she was the first to take shape out of the possibility. Even now, there are those, those who use the religions the first ones invented for their own ends, who say the first one was male.

But what would they know?

They were not there.

All of us, gods and men, know that everything grows from the women. That woman created this world and everything in it, including us mere gods and men, on that day she began her journey out form the sea of what could be.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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