The New Job

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‘Well, what do you think?’

‘I… er….’

‘Come on, you must have some opinion?’

No, Pannis thought, I don’t. He shrugged. ‘Whatever you think best.’ There was silence. Pannis dared a glance. ‘…Sir.’

Ulpert nodded. ‘Yes.’ He made a dismissive gesture towards Pannis and began shuffling papers on his desk.

Pannis got to his feet. ‘So, shall I…? What you said?’

Ulpert did not look up. ‘Yes, yes, yes…. Carry on.’

‘Right, I’ll….’ Pannis turned for the door, ‘Sir.’

Ulpert grunted.

Pannis left his superior’s office wondering why the other man was so keen for his underlings to call him sir. ‘Must be insecurity,’ Pannis muttered as he made his way down the corridors back to his own office.

This time Pannis did not get lost… not too often anyway.

He sighed when he saw his secretary walking back up a corridor with a coffee cup in each hand.

Glenna smiled. ‘Just follow me, sir. I know the way.’

Pannis smiled back, mostly in relief. ‘Don’t call me sir, Glenna. Makes me feel like your teacher.’

Glenna turned and looked him up and down. ‘I bet you could teach someone like me a thing or two. Anyway, it is the rules; I must call you sir, sir.’

Pannis felt himself growing hot under her stare.

‘Anyway, I like calling you sir.’ Glenna stopped in front of a door. She looked back at him. ‘I enjoy having you over me, sir.’ She looked at him.


‘Would you mind opening your door?’

‘Oh, yes, sorry.’ Pannis opened the door, trying not to watch Glenna as she walked ahead of him. She had a way of walking that made him….


Pannis realised Glenna was talking to him. ‘Sorry, what? I was thinking about other something else.’

‘I bet you were… sir. A girl can tell these things. Anyway, I asked if you’d found out.’

Pannis sighed as he slumped down behind his desk. ‘No, Glenna, I still have no idea what my job is, or what we are meant to be doing here.’


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