Almost Drowned

You and I have named this world. We came together inside this one small room to begin something neither of us has ever known before. We turned away from lives that no longer breathed for us. We found each other wandering alone down roads that no longer headed towards any destination we could desire.

We found each other across a crowded room, two shipwrecked souls drowning in a sea of strangers. We swam together and held on to each other as the storms raged around us, until time and tide cast us away onto some new shore.

This room is our desert island, far from the lives we used to know. Here, within these walls we have created a world for ourselves. A life cast adrift from what goes on outside the locked door.

We both know that this is a life away from life. We know we have to return, set sail back into the world that lies beyond this room. One day we must go back to our other lives, now made less real by this new sharper reality.

Both of us though, cling to each other as though this room, this bed, contains all that is now precious to us. Neither of us wants to let go, walk away from this island we have found and return to those stormy seas of a life that will only ever drown us.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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