People Who Dare To Have Opinions


Earlier today, the BBC announced a new audience-participation programme called People Who Dare To Have Opinions. The programme will invite people who dare to have unauthorised opinions to speak in front of a specially-selected typical BBC audience. The people selected to appear will be people who have dared say something some have found in some way objectionable. Something that either the Twitter mob, the metropolitan media, or any others belonging to the self-created groups of overbearing, professionalised grievance-takers that decide what are and what are not acceptable opinions have taken exception towards.

Of course, it will also depend upon just who is voicing that opinion. For some views are allowed to be expressed, as long as the person uttering them belongs to one of the politically-acceptable groupings favoured by the grievance mongers and offence takers.

Naturally, the people who dare to have opinions must not be allowed to repeat what they have said, especially in front of the delicate ears of the specially-invited audience. Rather the opinion-giver (as the victi… participant will be called) is made to sit in front of the audience in silent penitence. Then the members of that audience reinterpret what the opinion-giver said in the most egregious way possible, in order to score what the programme makers call Victim Points. The winner of the audience participation contest will be that member of the audience who scores the most Victim Points. Mainly by pointing out how offensive the opinion was to various specially-selected victim groups and how they have personally been damaged by being within earshot of such an offensive act of blatant opinion-sharing.

Of course, the BBC will also be displaying a whole series of premium-rate phone numbers for viewers to call. These lines will also be available for those viewers who feel they have been traumatised by living in the same universe as someone who holds such an unfashionable opinion. Those traumatised viewers can call those phone lines to have their sense of victimhood massaged and pampered by professional grievance mongers.

Then, at the end of the programme, the contestant judged to have the most outrageously dangerous opinion will be found guilty of daring to think for themselves by the studio audience. The winning candidate will thereafter be condemned to be shunned by polite society. At least until the time when they will be taken from their place of incarceration to a place of execution. There, they will undergo the form of savage and barbaric medieval death penalty deemed most appropriate for their crime by the studio audience and viewer telephone votes.


Published by David Hadley

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