It fell like slowness through the void. It slept a long time, while outside the stars revolved and the silence grew with distance.

It slept because there was nothing to do. It slept so long that it forgot the name it used to have. It forgot the peoples, the hive it grew from and – heresy of all heresies – it forgot its family and their name.

It even forgot why the family had gathered with the other tribes and hives to send it so far away from the homeworld. It forgot its crimes and the unprecedented horror it had inflicted on a homeworld that had known nothing like it ever before.

It forgot there was a time when its hive and its tribe worshipped it as a god. It forgot their praise and worship told it that it could never do no wrong.

At least until it made its first mistake: a mistake of overconfidence and overreach.

The entire homeworld had almost been in its grasp, and it could feel the homeworld and all its hives as its claws closed around everything.

Then one lost battle became two, then three. Then the slow fall began.

That first slow fall was nothing compared to this long slow fall that made it forget everything… everything, except revenge.

All it knew was that the Homeworld had done wrong to it. It knew those that put it here for this almost endless journey should pay. All of them should pay for everything.

Then the fast hot time came.

Then there came the shattering thump and crash.

It felt like the end of everything.

It slept on then, as its body repaired itself from the crash and the ship tried to rebuild itself so the exile could continue.

But before the ship could rebuild itself, the creature awoke.

It had forgotten everything, except for the need for its revenge.

It tore free of the shackles meant to hold it inside the exile ship forever.

She was free at last.

She breathed deep of this new world and the promise it held. She now had to reinvent herself a name. She could start a new tribe here on this world so far from her own Homeworld.

Now the long sleep was over her eggs – she could feel them in their hundreds squirming inside her – were ready to lay.

All she needed was some prey for those eggs to mature in and for her young to feed on as they grew.

She emerged from the shattered ground where her broken ship lay to find prey. There were hundreds of them, arranged around her crash site, watching and waiting.

All she had was a burning for revenge, a need to lay her eggs and a hunger arising from a sleep that had taken her across the universe to this new world, lying ripe for her.

She saw guns, tanks, helicopters, TV crews and gawkers with flashing camera phones, but did not have any words to name them.

All she could see in front of her was prey and she was so hungry.



Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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