The UK’s Leading Celebrity Chef


Sandwichbox Cruetset is probably the UK’s leading celebrity chef. He first came to fame as one of the leading chef’s in the underwater gourmet movement. A scene that so revolutionised the UK restaurant trade and increased sales of scuba equipment in the British Isles for the first time since Michael Fish dismissed the idea of another imminent tornado.

However, since hit TV series Sandwichbox’s Sandwiches, hit the screens he is now mostly famous for his gourmet sandwiches. Many fans now regard his salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps on thick sliced white as his signature dish, with several restaurants in his chain claiming it as their most popular sandwich. However, in the most culinary-experimental areas of the UK his daring use of brown sauce on his cheap plasticy cheddar doorstep sandwiches has gained a substantial following. It has now become a common sight where all the young, trendy people gather to see them struggling with the mighty sauce-ensmeared doorstep. Each often failing to masticate as they pretend to write their ‘novel’ at some of the trendiest coffee shops in the nation.

However, none can doubt Cruetset‘s great success in reviving the great British sandwich and its inherent gourmet appeal. Who can forget his infamous leaf of wilted lettuce and half a slice of soggy tomato salad surprise?

However, Cruetset has decided that it is time to broaden his horizons beyond the sandwich and explore many other avenues of traditional – and often neglected – British foodstuffs.

Although, there are some food critics who claim that Cruetset has gone down the revolutionising road a little too far with his latest creation, Pot Noodle and Hot Water. Many of Cruetset’s critics have claimed – with some justification – that the complexities of boiling a kettle then pouring the hot water into the pot may be beyond the limited culinary skills of his target audience. Cruetset himself has denied this, but since most of his audience consists of hip young things with designer kitchens meant entirely to be seen and envied rather than used, many think Cruetset’s critics have a point. With many pointing out that, in such an expensive designer kitchen even finding out which of the multitude of shiny devices is the actual kettle is hard enough. It may even be beyond the capabilities of people who have to go to a specialist shop even to get a cup of coffee.

Cruetset, though, does seem to have taken some of the criticisms to heart though. C4 have just announced that his next TV series is to be called Sandwichbox Cruetset’s How to Order a Takeaway.


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