When the Darkness Begins to Grow


Something happens in the darkness. The day falls back in defeat as the shadows spread and grow. The night grows from the shadow itself. The shadows spread and join, then what was familiar gets lost in the darkness. The night hides so much, all we hear are the sounds of the creeping things moving ever closer as the darkness spreads around us.

Occasionally we go out in the dark, but we know we are not creatures of the darkness. We are weak, feeble creatures out there, lost in the darkness, unable to see, but can only sense the danger lurking around us, watching us.

Humankind made a mistake, hiding from the darkness, turning our civilised places into islands of light in the dark of the night, leaving those seas of darkness all around for the other creatures to swim in.

At first, we were foolish, ignorant. We did not know, or we had forgotten, that the darkness breeds its own creatures, creatures unlike those defined by the daytime.

Back when we knew to be afraid of the dark, we knew there were creatures beyond the normal hiding out in the darkness. The creatures waited for the shadows to grow and spread. The creatures hid inside the blanket of the night, waiting.

Time came and went and we learnt to turn our nights into the day. We forgot about the shadows. We forgot about the night. We forgot about the darkness and forgot about what lurks there, waiting.

Now those shadows grow out of the night and creep into our cities, finding the shadows where they can lurk and wait. They are out there, waiting, watching us – their prey. They wait, poised, tense, for one of us to make the mistake of stepping into the shadows where they wait. There are so many of those shadows for them in these cities. They wait, they pounce, they feed, they grow and they breed.

Soon every shadow you pass on a lonely street at night has dangerous eyes watching, waiting, preparing, to pounce. Soon every dark alleyway that the sun never reaches in the day will have its own shadow with those watching eyes lurking inside it. Soon even the day will have places of darkness where we should fear to tread.

Our islands of light are no longer the refuge we thought they would be. We have forgotten the dangers of the shadows, the darkness and the night. We have forgotten too much and now the day grows dark and those shadows begin to grow and move.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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