What this City Used to Be



There was movement out there. Something flickered past one of the windows, or rather one of the holes where the windows use to be.

It had been a long time since there had been any windows. Only us older ones remembered when those holes in the walls had glass in them. Back then, the winter winds didn’t howl through the holes, like the souls of all those who once filled what this city used to be with all the complexities of human life.

These days, though, there are not that many of us old ones left. Now each year that passes, the memory of what this city used to be fades and dies.

To many of the younger ones the city is just a story us old ones tell each other around the fires. To them, the city is no different to the rivers, the forests, the hills, the mountains and the valleys. Just more of the landscape they live in and try to survive through. To them, the buildings, what remains of them, are like the hills, mountains and valleys of the lands that used to lie outside the city. The roads too are no different from the rivers and streams to them; all of it seems natural and part of the world they live in.

And so do the creatures too.

We tell the stories of the old world. How it used to be, in the time before they came. To the young ones it seems like just another story told around the fire to keep the dark away.

But the creatures came, some say from the stars and some say from a world lying parallel to this one. Some even insist that the creatures were an invention created by us, some sort of being, a super-soldier or something meant to win all wars.

No-one really knows for sure, and perhaps all of those that did know are long gone. All that remains now is we few survivors, haunting the ruins of the cities like the ghosts of the civilisation that used to be….

There are the creatures too… them. The creatures who haunt our nights, picking us off, one by one by one, in the ruins of what use to be our world.

Soon, we know there will be none of us left, unless we can find a way to fight back. We need to take our world back from those creatures that stole in from us. Then, perhaps, one day these cities will rise again and no longer be these ruined memories of what they used to be.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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