Left on Her Shores


A slow moment held in her hands as if she can grasp time itself, take it out of the air and keep it. Her hands lie high above her head as she lies there, opening and closing them as though reaching and holding each moment. Her breath grows heavier, harder, as though she is struggling to escape this world, this time.

She writhes as though this world is a weight she wants to escape from, something to break free from. The ropes of this world tie her so tight to the here, to the now. She wants to be free, lost in this new world she grabs and creates by the handful as she takes each deeper breath of something new, something free.

I move slowly, letting her take her time, letting her explore this new land she has lost herself in. I know I cannot go with her. I know she left me here, stranded on her shores while she goes, deeper with each heavy breath, into that land.

She is the explorer and I am left behind here as she writhes and moans deeper into her new-found land. I, though, do not have regrets or feel sorrow at her leaving me behind. I give her the map with these hands, and my tongue speaks the directions to take. She heads off alone, deeper and deeper into this world we build together. I create routes and she follows them. Travelling down deep into the world she creates anew, each time we come together. Each time we speak this language of love and her need to go further, deeper than before.

She leaves me behind, here on the shore of her desire as she goes deeper inland, deep into her need. She pulls, grabs and holds me as though she doesn’t want to let go. But let go she must, for although we are together as always, this is a journey she takes alone. I am here only to help her on her way. She uses my knowledge of the secret routes to get her to where she needs to be.

She reaches for me as she slips away deep into the heart of her need, calling my name, begging me to follow, but also to let her go. But I remain here, here always. I wait here on her shore as the storms that drove her deep into her need fade and calm.

Then, a moment later, I see her come back to me. We meet and kiss back on the shore of her need, now that her storms have passed. Then we turn and dive back together deep into the seas of forever.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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