Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: Little Frigging in the Wold

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Little Frigging in the Wold

Available FREE now here (UK) or here (US) for the next five days

Nestled deep in the picturesque valley at the heart of the county of Upper Thyghspreader, Little Frigging in the Wold is just another quiet English rural village. It is a place where the denizens take a quiet pride in the good standing of their local Inter-Village Orgy team, all pulling together to support it in the Inter-Village orgy League and cup as well as its attempts to increase the standing of English village orgy teams in the many European Competitions.

Not only that, everyone in the village always do their best to attend the events in the village hall that do so much to make the residents of such places come together as often as possible in the many village orgies arranged there. Or even getting themselves out on the village green for open-air all-village orgies should the weather be suitable.

Furthermore, the new University of Little Frigging (formerly the cowsheds at Trouser-Quandary farm) is regarded as the leading institution in the UK for the study of theoretical and practical orgiastics as well as the study of the perverted arts and sciences, especially the use of the pork pie in an erotic context. All under the expert guidance of the narrator of this splendid tome, Norbert Trouser-Quandary, Master of the Perverted Arts and Sciences and Professor of Theoretical and Applied Orgiastics at the University of Little Frigging in the Wold, who is also a farmer specialising in the husbandry of free-range hairstylists and the breeding for the market of farm-assured lawyers.

For those interested in the use of cream cakes in a village orgy, the use of the village volunteer fireman’s chopper, how to butter an assistant librarian, the secret rites of folk singers, the correct way to fondle a post mistress in a formal village orgy setting and much, much, more, this book is the ideal introduction to modern English rural life.

Little Frigging in the Wold

Available FREE now here (UK) or here (US) for the next five days

Some comments on David Hadley’s writing: 

“This made me laugh so much, tears came into my eyes….”
“I just sprayed barely masticated tomato all over my keyboard from laughing too hard”
“Brilliant! Made me howl…”
“I think I just broke all my vital organs laughing”
“WTF? Lmao….flipping nutter…”
“another one of yours I truly enjoyed, “Old Feebletrousers” love it!”
“Yep! This was a real funny piece, it had me laughing….”
“Very humorous. The opening in particular is outrageously perfect!”
“You never fail to raise a…eh…smile.”
“love this and your fabulous sense of humour!”
“Thank you for a genuine belly laugh.”
“This one made me laugh out loud.”

Little Frigging in the Wold

Available FREE now here (UK) or here (US) for the next five days

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