A Review of my What Dreams May Come

There is a great review of my What Dreams May Come, at Katherine’s Bookspace:

Review: This is a little different from Hadley’s usual work, but still a great and interesting read!

I found the subject of this book fascinating. Could there be a world running parallel to our own? The thought is certainly intriguing! How would this world differ from our own? I really liked the characters and enjoyed how the author left me with more questions than answers, allowing me to try and piece the story together on my own. What are the Dreamlands? Has Stephen really solved the mystery?  The story is quite complex and things that I hadn’t taken much notice of while reading suddenly made sense when I was thinking about the book afterwards! I can’t wait to see how the author will follow this up!

Read the rest here.

It is a great review by a reviewer I always like to read. She has introduced me to some excellent books and her reviews are always well-worth reading.

Like Katherine, I can’t wait to see how I follow this book up.

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A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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