When Worlds Tumble and Fall

I remember her. I will not allow myself to forget her, even as each day takes us further away from each other. I want to find her again, go back and see her again. But, if the theorists are right, these dimensions we tumble through are infinite, without end, I doubt if I will ever see her again.

The only hope I have is that these falls, these tumbles as we now call them are as random as they seem. I hope that one day, one tumble, I will fall back into her world again and find her there waiting for me.

Although, I think it is foolish to think that she would wait for me. One day I was there, just another ordinary person in her world, then I was gone and she would have no way to find me again.

As far as we know, and we have investigated, none of the peoples in these other human-inhabited dimensions has the power to travel between them as we do, even if they are aware of the possibility of other dimensions. Even so, we do not ourselves understand this power or understand how it works. Nor – for that matter – do we have any control over the process. This is why we ended up calling them tumbles.

One day one of us is going about normal daily life. Then, their world twists and turns, almost as if that person has tripped and fallen, into a new dimension. Then at some seemingly arbitrary moment that dimension winks out of existence and they are back in the home dimension… for a while anyway.

At first, we thought we had to take a trip into the machine, much like a mostly-forgotten TV programme from many decades ago where a tunnel disappeared off into history. We too thought we would have to walk the dimension tunnel to get to another world, but we do not. The tunnel itself has many dimensions of its own and somehow. We are not sure how, it has enfolded us experimenters into its dimensions so that we fall through into another world at any time or anywhere, no matter what we are doing… yes, even that.

If you think your life is complicated, try suddenly appearing in the middle of some new world while you were in the middle of a shower… or something else far more personal. For example, every experimenter I know has given up watching porn.

Still, though, I hope that one day my next tumble will take me back to that world. Then I will see her again, if only for a while, before I tumble out of her world again.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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