Searching for Someone Special

How this falls into her open hand is something Reeta does not want to understand. She likes the mystery of it. As far as she knows, she is the only one who can do it. She has never met anyone who has admitted they can do it. But then, she is not sure how anyone would agree to reveal such a thing, not in the ordinary course of events.

Of course, she has, searched the Internet for any sign of others with the ability. But she has – so far only found frauds, charlatans and the deluded. None of them – so far – able to do what Reeta can do with the merest flick of the wrist.

There have been rumours, whispers, though. A certain amount of unguarded talk amongst the frauds and charlatans she has mingled with on occasions. There has been talk of one man, somewhere in the country who can do it as she can.

Reeta has come across the name Morgan several times, as she’s met with yet another claimant who – in the end – has disappointed her. Later, when drunk or otherwise brought to face their own shortcomings, many of the charlatans have spoken of this man Morgan. Nothing more than rumours, whispers. There has been talk of this Morgan appearing, much like Reeta herself, searching for the same thing, the same elusive quality that she seeks.

So now, Reeta’s quest, her journey has changed. She no longer searches among the charlatans, frauds and impostors. She no longer searches for the deluded and the credulous.

Now she has a name.

Now she knows who she is looking for.

She did, when exposing frauds who defrauded the credulous and gullible claiming powers they did not have, meet several police officers and others. All with access to information and are often willing – if only grudgingly – to help her out.

But all she has is a name, the name.


It seems he moves around, never staying in one place too long and that he is searching for someone too.

Often she finds only an absence where his name led her. But now she is sure that there really is someone called Morgan and that he too is travelling around, just like her looking for someone. Every time she thinks she’s found him, she arrives to find almost all traces of the elusive Morgan gone. It is almost as though he doesn’t exist… almost.

Reeta knows she is getting closer, the ability to twist the night into shapes of someone’s own choosing leaves an echo, fading in the air. She can sense it now and knows she is only a step or two behind Morgan and closing fast.

The only thing that puzzles Reeta is why – if he is searching for someone like himself, someone like Reeta then why is she chasing him? Why isn’t he looking for her?


Find Morgan here.



Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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