She Was Awoken

She has had bodies like this before, back in the long ago. Back before her long hibernation, she knew about bodies like this with their weak arms and legs, their lack of claws and teeth.

It was a challenge back then, learning how to use a body like this to hunt and to kill. Back then, she learnt how to use weapons. She learnt how to use sticks, sharp rocks and heavy branches to stab, slash and club.

She grins with the once familiar mouth, remembering how the prey fell to her. She stretched out an arm, looking at it weak and hairless. But these creatures did know how to learn. They learnt fast.

Back then, it wasn’t long before the prey themselves learnt to use the sticks and stones as weapons. She remembers how they learnt to use them to fight back against her and her kind. Then, when her kind were overwhelmed and fleeing, the prey turned on each other with their new-found weapons.

She and the few others spread out across the world and went into another of their long hibernations. A hibernation like the time the sky fell and destroyed the terrible lizards, which had once been their prey too. Back then, little did they know that the small furry creatures with the quick heartbeat and bright eyes would grow into their new prey. But she and her kind knew how to wait and sleep for millennia at a time until the world was ready, stuffed with prey and they were hungry again.

Strange growling creatures had awoken her. At first, she thought they were some new prey. The first she’d killed d had tasted horrible; a hard shell and a thick black oily blood that made her ill. It wasn’t much later that he’d found the broken prey inside one of these new creatures. She thought, at first, that the indigestible creature had swallowed the prey. But later she’d seen that the prey themselves used these bad-tasting creatures as another kind of tool they sat inside.

There were thousands of them, the prey called them machines. The prey had come a long way since they’d copied her using the sticks and stones to kill.

Now though she was back, taking the shape of her prey, but, in a way, they’d forgotten about. She’d hidden amongst the prey and learnt, feeding quietly in the dark shadowed places. She’d learnt they still remembered her. Although now they gave her other names. She’d been ghosts, demons, vampires, dragons, devils, werewolves and so many other creatures back down the long history that was the prey’s memory.

Now, though, she was back, and now humankind would remember the real fear they’d long forgotten.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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