The Morning Waiting Outside

It was just another day. An ordinary day. At least that was what Steve kept telling himself. He had tried telling himself it was a dream. Maybe, it was one of those dreams where you think you are actually awake, but you are dreaming.

A dream was the only explanation for the….

It had worked for a while.

But, even Steve’s dreams were not that mundane.

Except for the….

He had dreamt of many things over a lifetime, a lifetime of the ordinary and disappointing, but even he had never dreamt about his usual morning routine. At least not in such minute detail. Not only that, there was also a pain in his shin where he had bumped into the bed after turning away from the window. That pain was throbbing now.

Of course, he could be dreaming about the pain, but he didn’t think so.

Steve had never been that interested in dreams, or what they meant, but he did think he knew that feeling pain was usually a sign of not dreaming.

But that didn’t explain the….

When he got back to his bedroom, he noticed the curtains were still shut. Usually at this time of year, with it light outside at this point in the mornings, he would open them as soon as he got out of bed.

He would have his first sight of the day outside then.

Get it over with.

But today, out there, there had been the….

Steve didn’t want to look again.

If the… the… was out there then there was something very wrong with the world.

If the… the… wasn’t out there then there was something very wrong with him.

Steve didn’t want to face either possibility.

Then he wondered.

If the… the… that thing was out there then why was there no sound other than its breathing. Why were there no sirens, no police? The police usually had a helicopter hovering overhead at the slightest provocation.

Something like that would make the news too, and not just the local news. This would make the national news, even the international news. There was nothing news crews liked better than a story like this, where they could film each other covering the same momentous event.

And there had never been an event in the history of the world like this… like the… the… thing outside his window. Steve didn’t know much, but he knew that.

He took a breath, counted to five and opened his curtains.

He realised his eyes were closed.

He opened his eyes and stared into the eyes staring back at him, level with his upstairs window.

It was the first time Steve had ever seen a real live dragon.

He hoped it wouldn’t be the last thing he ever saw.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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