The Limits of the Moment

The Limits of the Moment

Now there are times and places all around
From where we grow into these shapes that turn,
Each blowing in the wind. Becoming leaves
Discarded by the trees as winter falls.

We only have what falls on down with us
Reminding us of home and our belonging.
And this is not what we expect at all
In those young dreams where future times unfold

Before the eyes of every child who sees
The limits of the moment the first time.
I could have learnt then how to take those dreams
And turn them into possibility

Instead of leaving them behind to fade
And disappear again into the night
They grew out from, to take the shape of thought
That turns and grows into a living world.

I had so many dreams to move us on
From here out through the days into a land
Forever washed by endless cleaning rains
And all our tears that fall across our times.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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