The Numbers of the Beasts

They are out there, the creeping things. A smell blows in on the breeze, a smell of corruption, of rotten meat, of beast. A smell of creatures long lost to memory, but still lurking there, waiting to return.

No-one knows where they came from. Some talk of conspiracies and experiments. Others look at the sky and talk of aliens. There are others too who speak of things and times of long ago. A memory beyond memory of times and places back before history began, when this was a very different world and the people were different too.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it is somewhat irrelevant. Maybe they would have stayed hidden out on the edges of things. Maybe they would have stayed as folk memory, obscure laboratory mistake, or creatures from another planet hiding out in the wastelands, if it wasn’t for the outbreak.

The disease began in Africa, as a lot of them have done in recent times. Modern travel, movement of people, war, famine, and corruption all played their part too.

Soon Africa was devastated, then Europe, and the rest of the world. America once again tried to isolate itself from the rest of the world, but as usual, it was already too late. The borders closed with the disease already inside them.

No-one knows what is left of America, if anything. The last reports were of the creatures spreading out hungry for prey.

The only thing that saved us few that remain is that the disease is as deadly to the creatures as it is to us.

Without the limitation on their numbers, we would all be long dead by now. We are their prey and they hunt us down without mercy and without fear. To them, we are little more than cattle.

Although, they have discovered we are cattle with guns and with a determination to survive.

The creatures have not had it all their own way, not all the time.

We fight back when and where we can. But these days we are so few, few and isolated. It was only the isolated, the self-contained, who survived the disease. Only the isolated remain now the cities are deserted, empty, dead and deadly.

The disease still lurks there amongst the rotting corpses and the predators and scavengers that feed on what remained. The disease spread, mutated and now those wild dogs, foxes, even lions, tigers and wolves from the safari parks and zoos, carry the disease as they hunt for prey too.

Meanwhile, the creatures are out there and they are on the hunt.

Soon they will find us and that could be the end for us, despite all we survived.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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