The Prey and Survival

She hung there, wrapping the darkness around herself like a cape. This world had changed so much while she’d slept. It no longer felt like her world at all. When she’d laid her tired body down for the long sleep, she was expecting the prey to die, to become extinct.

The prey had been dying off in their hundreds, thousands of some disease. She had been hungry for a long time. She could not live off the diseased prey they made her ill too. So she’d had one great feed of all the healthy prey she could find and then settled down in her cave to await some new prey appearing.

Something had gone wrong, though. She’d slept longer than ever before. She’d presumed it was something to do with the prey and their illness perhaps it had infected her too.

She’d awoken to a world where the prey had not only survived they’d prospered. They’d taken over the world in her absence, becoming the dominant species, having prey of their own they kept in herds.

She lifted the darkness she’d wrapped around herself and looked out on the strange structure she’d discovered. They prey could build and create.

The prey had made feeble structures before to keep her out. But they’d never been strong enough. They’d even built strange stone structures, massive in size, where they’d called for the gods they’d made for protection from her and her kind. Back then, her and her kind had ruled this world.

Her kind was mostly gone now, though. There were no more monsters, dragons, devils, werewolves or any of the other names they prey have given to those that preyed on them.

She knew now that the prey had almost forgotten her and her kind. They no longer feared the darkness. The prey no longer feared the creature that wrapped the darkness around itself, what hid in the shadows and what fed on the prey

She needed to find a mate, back out in the spaces between the stars. For the journey out beyond the planets and deep in the star-filled sky, she needed to feed.

There was prey out there now, on the outside of this structure where she waited deep in the shadows. They were coming and they were bringing light with them. But their feeble light would be no match for her or the darkness she hid inside.

If the prey were foolish enough to step out of the light into the shadows, then she would wrap her darkness around them and feed again, before she left this world forever.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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