New at ABCtales : A Knight of the Realm

Hopalite Trebuchet was probably one of the greatest Knights in English history. He was more famous in his day that Robin Hood, Richard the Lionheart, Doris the Bold and Sir Steve the Bastard put together.
Not only did Trebuchet turn out for both sides during the War of the Roses, coming on as a late substitute for the Yorkist side at the battle of Tewkesbury, he was also one of the Lancastrian’s leading scorers.
Not only that, he was also a leading knight in the lesser known War of the Milk Tray. Notably scoring a particularly impressive victory against the Soft Centres at the battle of Caramel.


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Published by David Hadley

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2 thoughts on “New at ABCtales : A Knight of the Realm

  1. Where do you GET this stuff? I wonder what rummaging around in your great brain must be like, if this is what comes out when called.

    Poor Trebuchet! You made me feel sorry for a man stuck in a tin can.


    1. Well, many years ago I read a book on writing – Becoming a Writer by Dorethea Brande (I think that’s right) – which suggested sitting down and writing as soon as you get up each morning. So that the half asleep mind doesn’t censor your thoughts and you can write freely – unconsciously.

      She suggests giving it a few months. I carried it on for years, first writing 200 words a day, every day – except Christmas day. Eventually, in a desperate search for raw material I started coming up with things like this above and this, first by thinking of the most ridiculous combination of things – like, say, hamsters and mandolins – and working out a way of combining them together.
      Nowadays I am up to at least 500 words a day. I no longer do it every day, or as soon as I get up in the morning, and I occasionally – like this week – take time off, but I always go back to it.
      I think it has been a massive help to me and my writing as well as making a few people laugh every now and then. So I think it has all been worthwhile.

      Ah, but putting him in a tin can, does help keep him fresh.


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