New at ABCtales: A Notorious Historical Dandy

Splendiferous Haberdashery was uncountably the 18th Century’s finest dandy. Famed for having a different bespoke handkerchief for every hour of the day, he was the first person in London to wear underpants. There were also – unconfirmed – rumours of him having a bath nearly every fortnight. Hence, Haberdashery was a notorious figure in the London society of the time.
These days of course he is mostly known for being the first person to wear a bobble hat at the opera. Back then, Haberdashery was a far more controversial figure. Especially in his life-long interest in ladies underwear and his never-ending search to find some lingerie that would fit him.


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Published by David Hadley

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2 thoughts on “New at ABCtales: A Notorious Historical Dandy

  1. I hope they both had the same taste in undergarments, and that theirs was a happy and successful marriage, in spite of the tragedies in his past. So unfortunate! The estate was entailed?

    Did they have sons? Who inherited the collection?

    Such important historical questions.


    1. They had offspring, but at the time it was considered bad manners in polite society for anyone to check whether they were boys or girls.

      They did inherit everything though.


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