New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Three

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A few moments later, Martin was back in the hallway heading to the kitchen. A frantic banging on the front door stopped him in his tracks. He opened the door to Fiona standing on the step struggling under the weight of what looked like the innards of a knackered photocopier.

‘Morning, Martin.’ Fiona struggled past him with the unwieldy machine.

‘Morning Fiona…, what is that?’

‘It’s the innards from a knackered photocopier.’ Fiona seemed surprised he even needed to ask. ‘Oh, leave the door open, Sam is on his way. He’s got a knackered laser printer!’

Sam struggled through the door with the laser printer, which had possibly seen better days, but they must have been a very long time ago. ‘It’s a laser printer,’ he said to Martin. ‘Isn’t it a beauty?’

‘Er… yes, I suppose so.’

‘Down the cellar?’ Fiona asked Sam.

Sam nodded. ‘Down the cellar? Oh, yes. Yes, indeed!’

‘Sam?’ Martin asked. ‘Why do you want to take all this… this… stuff, down the cellar?’

Sam stared at Martin as if he had just asked Sam why he had never previously considered deep-frying his own testicles. ‘Well, you wouldn’t want them in the living room would you?’

 [Continues here]

[Read Juggling Balls from the start]

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