New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 4

[Read Juggling Balls from the start]

The woman was wearing the shirt John had been wearing the evening before. She smiled tentatively. ‘Hello, I’m Mandy, you must be… Martin… right?’ She ran a hand through her shaggy blonde curls.

Martin said hello and admitted he was, in fact, the Martin in question. Mandy’s smile lost its hesitancy as she spoke rapidly about how she had met John at the club Sparklers, the previous evening.

‘I said to Trish… that’s my mate. “Trish,” I said. “Trish, doesn’t he look just like Sting when he was young?” I said. Only his hair is just a bit different, brown instead of blonde and a little bit too curly. Don’t you think? This coffee jar’s empty.’ Mandy held the coffee jar upside down to demonstrate the accuracy of her statement.

[Continues here]

[Read Juggling Balls from the start]

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