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Chapter Six

Martin and Sam sat side by side on Martin’s bed looking down at the boxes.

‘Well,’ Sam said.


‘I found this in the hall,’ Lisa said, coming into the room and giving Martin a small padded envelope. ‘It must’ve fallen off one of the boxes.’

‘It must be the bill for all this.’ Martin waved the envelope at the pile of boxes. ‘Not that I could ever afford it. Still, it was a nice dream while it lasted.’ He opened the envelope and frowned. It contained a single, unlabelled, USB memory stick.

‘I just don’t understand today at all, any of it,’ Martin said. ‘First, the juggling balls and now, all this.’

‘I can see the connection between that memory stick and this.’ Lisa tapped one of the boxes with her foot. ‘But what about the juggling balls. Do they really fit in to it, and if so where?’

‘I don’t know.’ Martin stood up. He put the stick down on the desk. ‘Perhaps this will explain it all. Let’s get everything unpacked and set up.’

They ripped open the boxes and fought their way through the packaging.

Once it was all unpacked, Martin put everything on the desk. ‘Whatever it is,’ he said. ‘…it is not an ELITE BOLD X350.’  He looked closer at the plain cube. It looked as though it was made of some sort of metallic plastic. He was not sure if it was even the right way up.

‘These though are right.’ Sam pointed to the keyboard, monitor and what could be a printer. ‘Although, I’ve never seen a printer like that before.’

‘Hang on…. This may sound daft, but those three holes in that… that box, aren’t they the same size as these?’ Lisa picked up the juggling balls to show Martin and Sam.

‘You’re right,’ Sam said. ‘It does sound daft.’

[Continues here ]

[Read Juggling Balls from the start]

[The complete Juggling Balls novel is available here]

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