When the Nights Grew Too Long

The nights are too long now.

There was a time when the nights were short, over with too soon. There was a time when the morning came long before we were ready to meet it.

Those were the nights when we came together and stayed in each other’s arms as though clinging together against the approaching day. A day that would tear us apart from each other to swim alone through its rough seas, until we could be together that night again.

The time came, though, as it always does, when we no longer came together in the darkness, wrapped up with each other. The nights grew longer as we slept further apart. Each of us sleeping alone and oblivious to the other, unless we accidentally rolled together in the night.

I remember waking one night, finding it odd, that we lay entwined together as we had done in the past. But before I could get used to it, she’d roll away again to travel the routes of her dreamland alone again.

It was that night when the nights began growing longer while the daytime slipped further beyond my reach.

I woke more and more after that night, each time wanting to wake to find us together. Each time I found myself alone over my side of the bed.

I remembered the times before, when I would awake to find her wrapped around me, her hand holding me tight as though I was some rock life had shipwrecked her against.

Now we were like two lighthouses, calling out our need from opposite sides of the bed, with each of us calling out our need to the other while at the same time warning each other away.

I knew it was long past the time I should have swum out from this bed we clung to, like a raft in the maelstrom. I should have cast off long ago and swum out to find my own place of dry land. I should have found my own castaway island where I could await rescue from someone searching for someone as lost and alone as me.

But I would look across into the darkness and see the shape sleeping far across the gulf of our bed from me. It was then I wished one of us knew how to sing a siren’s song that would call us back together, so we could entangle our lives back around each other once again. Then maybe we could set out on a new voyage of discovery far out into those unknown night-time seas.

I knew it was either that or we’d stay here both drowning alone together.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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