There Were Stars in Her Eyes

There were stars in her eyes. Sonla could feel the energy of those bright points of light pulsing with the power of possibility. Everywhere she looked, she saw the emptiness, waiting for her. When she turned to see the vast, infinite dimensions of possibility around her, she could see the stars in her eyes projected over that void, populating it, turning nothing into something.

Sonla had travelled the void for countless eons, staring out into the nothingness to fill it with the stars she saw in her eyes. All it needed was for her to see the emptiness, overlay it with the stars that grew in her mind and spread them through the void with a single breath.

Sonla could taste the elements on her tongue as she breathed out the stars; taste the possibility of suns, planets, metals, gasses, even life that could grow from the single breath she breathed out into the nothingness.

She would stand there, out on the edge of nowhere, watching the stars form, watching the galaxies grow and see the planets fall together. She saw her time was not wasted and that creating something out of nothing, even if it was only the stars from her imagination, was enough to set these worlds in motion.

She knew that in a few blinks of her all-seeing eyes something would emerge – here and there – on some of those planets that fell together from her breath. There would develop an intelligence that would look back out into the star-filled night, searching for something, seeking some explanation for themselves.

Often Sonla wondered if that was the point of it all, if that was why she breathed the stars, the planets, the moons, the solar systems, the galaxies and the universes into existence. She wondered if she did it so that she no longer felt alone. That one day some creatures from one of those tiny insignificant planets would somehow break free of the world that held them tight against its surface. Sonla wondered what they would do if they came face-to-face with her and they saw the multitudes of stars in her eyes.

Sonla wondered what they would say, how much they would understand how she made their universe just by blinking her eyes and that without her those creatures would never have existed. A single flutter of her eyelid, or a breath breathed differently, and it would have been some other creature that crawled out of the swamp, perhaps even no creature at all, no swamp even.

All she ever did was look and then breathe; the rest was beyond her, out of her control. She did not create the worlds or the creatures that walked upon them. She certainly did not create any of them out of any special desire or need. None of them she created in her image, all that she left to happenstance and possibility, and all that she left to the vagaries of time, chance and evolution.

All Sonla ever did was look, and then breathe.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

5 thoughts on “There Were Stars in Her Eyes

  1. Wow David. I think this ‘god’ and the ‘god’ in the caravan (HHGTTG) are my favourite gods. they want nothing, create everything and then just watch what happens :0)


    1. I’m not much of one for gods or religions, but I do like the HHGTTG god. Also, this one is a bit like that quote from James Joyce’s POTAAAYM ‘The artist, like the God of the creation, remains within or behind or beyond or above his handiwork, invisible, refined out of existence, indifferent, paring his fingernails.’

      There are a lot of artist/gods as creators parallels in these scenes/fragments/flash fiction pieces or whatever they are I put on the blog, something about both making new worlds, I suppose.


      1. Good quote. I’m am not a ‘god person’ either. Although I would love to find out the universe is ruled by an absent minded figure who likes cats and is surprised at their effect on the universe. Well, that or Eddie Izzard’s ‘James Mason as god’ :0)


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